Week Two: Another wet week and getting colder

Well, you never know how much work you are able to get done in December. We were able to get a little farther this past week. We got rained out one day and froze out on Friday. It looks like we might have some warmer weather to start off the week. Let’s hope it stays dry before the colder temperatures come in toward the end of the week.
Better picture of the concrete backer board in place for the grill.

The remaining portion of the concrete was removed and faced with stone to match the entire step.

Two things in this picture. Yes we have things staged in a very tight space. We are trying to minimize the area we are tearing up. Second notice the use of string lines to ensure the walls are running at 45 degrees to the house.

The free standing wall is almost finished. Next week I’ll probably show the impact the wall makes from a spacial design perspective.