Week One: Patio, Planting, Grilling Station and Lighting Transformation

We had some tough site conditions for our first week. I think we where able to give our client a good visual of the upper and lower spaces. Brian started constructing the shell in sections at our shop on Thursday. Although the rain stopped earlier than expected, we would have done more harm than good working at the site. This prep work allowed for quick installation when we arrived Friday morning.

Friday we cut openings in the concrete to allow access for the electric and gas lines. Trenches were also dug to run the lines back to the house.

The Grilling Station was fastened into place. Tar paper and most of the wire mesh was applied. Some of the concrete backer board was installed to protect the framing from the heat of the grill. Two air vents were cut in to the backside to allow more heat to escape.

Boulders were set in place at the lower corner of the basement to retain the slope. The boulders stopped here to allow for stone slab steps to be installed at a later date.

This picture begins to show how we cut off the corner of the dog training area. This was first done because of a miss measurement, but I think it will actually integrate the two areas nicely. When the free standing wall is built it will tie together even stronger.