Turkey then Transformation

In this next project, I will share some design and construction secrets to create a successful living space. How you experience the garden is dependant on a lot of things. We often think it is about what we see, smell, and sometimes hear. This is true, but we would miss the ultimate goal if we don’t take into consideration how those things make us feel. This is why design is so very important. It is one thing to have all the elements, but it is how the elements are position that can make a space inviting or not.

We will also look at the function and the scale of this project. Both are extremely important. They can often make sure we are designing what we need and not over designing a space. Designing with these factors in mind also help to maximize the project, keeping it in budget.

Finally look at some design choices that relate to the construction of a project. Sometimes there are subtle design choices that can make a big difference. Smart design can reduce your installation cost and the longevity of the installation.

Stay tuned and we will expose some secrets to The Garden Experience…