the right designer

Choosing the right landscape designer can mean big savings. It has always puzzled me why some people would pay one company to design their project only to send it out for bids. I guess I know why. People think they are then comparing apples to apples and will get a better price. This can be true to some extent, but all too often they are not comparing apples to apples.
We have a project going on right now that our client called me just to say how impressed he was with our staff and particularly Andy our mason.  Andy was scribing a piece of flagstone around a boulder.  His craftsmanship really impressed our client, but not another mason on the job site. Our client said the other mason ,representing another company, stopped to watch what Andy was doing. The other mason just shook his head and said that is what mortar is for. I told my client those are the details that are not in specs when pricing out a project. We assume those details while many other companies assume the short cut.
I refuse to believe most people just want the lowest price. I believe people want to be treated fairly while getting the most value for their investment. …………