Red Chokeberries

Red Chokeberry is a native plant to North eastern America, It was found growing in wet woods and wetlands. Chokeberries are attractive ornamental shrubs, naturally understory and woodland edge plants. Because they are native plants they are insect, pollution, and disease resistant. There are two well known species named for there colored fruit, red and black. This plant is a multi stemmed shrub, 6-12 feet tall and spreads readily by root sprouts. This is truly a plant for four seasons, in spring it produces clusters of white, five petaled flowers. They give way to dark green foliage throughout the summer months. This foliage turns from a lush green to a orange/red that really stands out in the fall garden. Also appearing are the bright red, pear shaped berries. These berries persist on the plant though December and January and along with the reddish brown exfoliating bark really standout in the winter landscape. Although the fruit persist though most of the winter, they are occasionally eaten by game birds and song birds and reportedly by bears. Because this plant is self pollinating only one plant is needed to produce berries. The juice from the berries is not sweet but is high in vitamin C and antioxidants. The berries can be used to make wine, jam, syrup, juice, soft spread, and tea. So if you are looking for a plant to spruce up your winter garden, give this plant a try.