Patio, planting, grilling, and lighting

Oops! I have to confess. I made a mistake when measuring the property. You can see in the photo to the right how our wall is going right over the corner of the dog training area. I talked to our client about the options and we came to a conclusion. We will cut off the corner of the dog training area by about 5′. I think this will work well and not compromise the integrity of the design.

The past two days we were able to get a lot done. We have the patio excavated and the stone base started. The downspouts were extended and backfilled. We got measurements of the grill today, since there is rain in the forcast for tonight and tomorrow. This will allow us to start constructing the frame tomorrow at our shop. Our goal is to have the grilling station set in place for the weekend. This will allow the templating for the granite countertop to be down early in the project. Hopefully the countertop can be cut while we are working on the rest of the project. Having the grilling staion set in early will also allow flexibility in the schedule for the electric and gas lines to be run.

2 thoughts on “Patio, planting, grilling, and lighting

  1. Anonymous

    I like the planks for minimizing impact on lawns, was the idea customer driven or done for another reason?

  2. Brad Groff

    Our customer just had a service vehicle come through their yard the week before and made large ruts in other portions of the yard. The customer did ask how we were planning to access the yard. The crew decided this would be the best way to reduce anynore damage. We are going through the area they let their dogs out and they hoped it would not be muddy all winter. We usually have the cost of repairs as part of our quote, so we try to keep the repairs to a minimum for everyone. Thanks for the question.

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