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Starting at $19,799                                                                                                                                    Options:

  1. Sitting Walls with Columns- Starting at $7,199

  2. Fireplace – Starting at $26,199

  3. Fireplace Sitting Walls – Starting at $3,599

  4. Grill Island – Starting at $16,499

  5. Pavilion 14′ x 14′ – Starting at $20,699


All prices subject to change.  River Valley Landscapes reserves the right to change prices at any time without notice.

Prices are for estimating purposes only.

Prices may increase due to but not limited to 1) site conditions 2) soil conditions 3) site access 4) house layout 5) elevations and grade 6) demolition and removal of any existing patios, decks, plantings, etc. 7) distance to jobsite from River Valley Landscapes 8) any other conditions specific to the proposed site 9) code compliance requirements for zoning and stormwater management 10) and materials chosen

Drawings are for illustrative purposes only and may not reflect final look and appearance of the project.  Some elements, materials and items shown are not included such as but not limited to 1) decks 2) furnishing 3) plantings and landscape 4) outdoor kitchen accessories 5) steps from the house to the patio 6) and construction materials

All patio designs and optional items are subject to local zoning and stormwater management ordinances and codes.  Some patio designs and optional elements may not be allowable in your area.  River Valley Landscapes will confirm code compliance for your area as part of the design and estimating process.

Obtaining permits and permit fees are the responsibility of the homeowner.

Electrical and gas line installation and hook ups are not included.