Looking to do a home improvement project?

Buyer beware! This was suppose to be the final clean.

Looking to do a home improvement project?

Spring is a popular time of the year for home improvement projects in south central PA.  I don’t want to discourage anyone from doing a home improvement project, but do your homework.  My parents like many people in the Lancaster, York, and Harrisburg area had a lot of White Pine damage this winter.  You would think I would have a great referral for an arborist, but I don’t.  If you had a great experience with any, here is your chance to give them a plug.  I would love to have someone to refer this type of work.  When they told me the price, I thought wow how can they do it for that price.  I should have asked what they are going to do for that price.  The picture above was taken after their final clean up. 

 After a phone call, they did say they will be back to finish cleaning up when they are in the area.  We all have stories like this or know someone that has experienced something like this.  So how does a consumer know what to look for in a contractor?  Here are 5 simple tips.

                5 Tips to find a landscape contractor in Lancaster, York and Harrisburg:

  • Get references from friends and neighbors (the contractor’s reference are handpicked)
  • Do your research (check industry association www.plna.com, related vendors www.patiopennstone.com, their website, blog, or Facebook.)
  •  Look for thorough designs and proposals (the clearer everything is up front, the less likely there will be any misunderstandings)
  • Before signing, ask yourself “Did they listen to you?” (a company can’t deliver if they don’t know what you need)
  • Visit similar type or scale projects (this is the best way to see if the company can handle your project and if you approve their quality) www.outdoorlivinglancaster.com


I know these 5 tips don’t guarantee a smooth project, but I think they can help.  Let me know you how your last home improvement project went.  Good or Bad.  What is your next scheduled project?  Spring is coming soon…

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  1. Brad Post author

    Great news! The tree care company came back and cleaned everything up. My parents are happy with the final results. Everything worked out fine this time, but make sure you do your homework.

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