Hellebore are often called Lenten Rose or Christmas rose, these evergreen perennials are almost a staple in the winter garden. This plant was named 2005 perennial plant of the year by the Perennial Plant Association. The flower color range from pure white to plum, bordering on black also yellow, pink, and red. They come in single to semi-double, and bloom from late winter to late spring some lasting two months or more. These plants have a clumping growth habit and get to 24 inches tall and 30 inches wide. Although sold as shade-loving plants these plants can take a lot of full sun and range into deep shade. This plant will thrive in a wide range of soil conditions, they are often found native in alkaline soils, but adapt to very acid woodland soils. When installing new plants pick a well drained site this plant does not like to be water logged, but it is very drought tolerant. Incorporate lots of organic material and plant like any other perennial. Long term exposure of this plant to the skin can cause a reaction that can last for a few hours, so when handling this plant wear gloves. One good thing from this is deer will not eat it so your hellebore will not become a salad buffet for foraging deer. The best way to reproduce this plant is by division that way each plant is identical. This plant will propagate its self by dropping seed to the ground around the parent plant, this seed will take 2 to 3 years from seed to flower. The Lenten rose will respond well to many different conditions, hellebore will make a fine addition to any garden.