Farmhouse Restoration:

Outdoor Fireplace

Outdoor Fireplace

I’ve always loved Farmhouse Restoration projects.  There is something very unique about these clients.  I find most of them spend a lot of time defining the balance of using modern technology with preserving the character of the old.  I enjoy taking this same level of sensitivity to the outdoor living environment.  I often propose core elements that would have been used during the original construction of the farmhouse.  This practice is not limited to the materials.  Lifestyles were very different 100-200 years ago and the design needs to reflect it.  I’m also not afraid to mix modern materials into the design if it improves durability, maintenance or better suites the client’s budget.  Getting to know where my clients fall on this spectrum is part of the fun.  There are no two clients the same making each project unique.  Farmhouse Restorations often lend themselves to a “Less is More” design concept.  This can be tricky.  If I don’t design enough, it looks unfinished.  If I design too much, it loses the Farmhouse charm.  Striking this balance along with the modern vs. old has been a large part of my success with these projects.

Let me know if you have a Farmhouse that needs restored.  I’d love to help transform and preserve the entire property with you.


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