Amsonia Hubrichtii

Photo Credit: Melanie Blandford

Amsonia Hubrichtii has been voted perennial plant of the year by the perennial plant association for some very good reasons. This perennial is a plant for all seasons, with its mounding almost arching growth habit, it is great for a border garden or open woodland. This plant is best planted in large masses, it likes full sun to partial shade. Amsonia prefers well drained soils and will tolerates less moisture. As it gets established it will tolerate drier conditions. Arkansas blue star as it is known has a upright mounding growth habit with its narrow willow leaf and a slender round seed pod. With its Powdery blue star like flower clusters at top of a 2-3 foot stem in early spring to the beautiful display of fern like foliage in summer. As November roles around the foliage turns to a golden yellow, This is one of the best fall shows for a herbaceous perennial. Another Amsonia to try is a variety called “Blue Ice” This is a much smaller plant only getting to 15-18 inches tall and a much longer bloom time. This smaller compact plant should also be used as a edging or border plant.